Me, a blogger???

Contributing Writer: LaQuenta Wooten

I guess this really all started back in 2011… After a few years of very dark & difficult situations that included: a miscarriage,  my mother’s health complications, blended family challenges, and strained communication in my own marriage; I was emotionally and mentally drained. After reading one of my favorite books “Power of a Praying Wife” by Stormie Omartian, I stopped trying to handle everything my way. I took a while but I started praying more specifically & began trusting God to repair all the broken pieces.

KNOW THIS: When God reveals great things to you trust that He will fulfill the promise… and take you through a learning process so you know that He did the work, it was too BIG for you to do alone.

In 2013 & 2014, I made some specific intentional changes in my life over a period of one year I experienced a shift in my faith as prioritized Jesus as the center of my life. I began to study the Word for solutions in every day areas to develop a spirit of wisdom and seeking Biblical guidance…I asked the Lord in prayer to help me in family relationships, finances, fitness and friendships. I felt stronger and things were clearer. I became more transparent with myself and others about personal struggles and triumphs. I got closer with friends through prayer together and deeper conversations. My texts became exceptionally long and honest. I read the Bible differently. I was absolutely hungry for the Word of God… to understand the Bible deeper so I could explain it better. I knew things had really began to change in my life and this feeling jump started my growth in God. He had transformed my life and thinking. As a side-effect of my new mental position in life, I became extremely annoyed with social media and website content filled with negativity and non-productive posts. And then, I knew I had to do something…I had to bring positive people together and fight fire with all-consuming fire. I was compelled make an inspirational blog filled with words from people living out their God-given purpose.

In December 2015, after almost 12 month of studying other blogs, research on the internet and the awesome self-help videos on YouTube “The P3Life” became more concrete and the mission was formed:  an inspirational resource and positive platform that celebrates and shows the process of “living on purpose” for the King. But, I didn’t know the 1st thing about building a blog or the technical aspects of how to build a website. I just wanted more of Christ to move through me for His glory & John 3:16 Kingdom Ministry…but I knew I’d have to learn and figure it out and just go forward. And it all started coming together, I met a site designer and graphic artists that  shared a tip and then there was a lot of trial & error. However, I knew that the Father was using me in spite of feeling ill-equipped.   People would come to me and share their issues and pain; I knew that I had to build the blog site because it would be a blessing for people simply because of the encouragement that would be waiting and written for readers. I remembered how I had battled through my own personal dilemmas with self-image, exhaustion in my roles as a woman, and need for direction from the Holy Spirit. Numerous blogs had become a helpful source of empowerment for me.

I realized that we all face challenges. We go difficult days and seasons when we feel small, insignificant or simply frail and tired sometimes. Experiences bring wisdom that we can share and heal those that are hurting  (Proverbs 12: 18 “The tongue of the wise brings healing”).  I had some amazing people who lifted me up when I was at my lowest points in life. They lovingly spoke words of life that made my day brighter and it made me feel better. I knew the power of having people say something that touches you and motivates you. We all have gone through things and must understand the significance of words that bring life in a dying or seemingly hopeless situation. Recognize when and how to encourage someone else. That’s what we all were created to do, use our gifts, talents and words to uplift people everywhere.wp-1462618328040.jpg

That’s what “The P3Life” blog was created to do…touch you with the most powerful and potent words in the exact time that you need/read it.  To God be the Glory for the work that He has done in me.  May you be blessed by this blog that I never intended to begin…


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**As Lead Writer and Creative Executive Officer at The P3Life LaQuenta Wooten is a woman with vision and passion. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, she has been married to her 6th grade sweetheart, Mykel, for 10 years and describes herself as a a structured and spontaneous mother to 3 smart, fun and energetic sons. She is a college educator and marketing consultant  by day and a “Jesus-Be-The-Center” singing worshiper and ministry leader, well, by day and night. She loves inviting people to attend Sunday Service @ Christ’s Church of the Valley where she is actively engaged in Worship Arts, Nursery and Youth Ministry. LaQuenta speaks with humor and uses personal and practical examples to share the Word of God. She has a heart for blended families & married couples facing issues and desires to prepare the next generation to know God in a personal relationship & inspire others to serve, give, love, and live for the Lord.


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