My Original Life Plan…

Lead Writer: LaQuenta Wooten

As a high school student I thought I had it all figured out. I would be rich…I didn’t have any real plan on how this would happen I just knew that college would probably be a good idea to get a good job and then take over the company – and my parents had told me (and trained me) to get a degree if you want to be a successful executive. I had good grades, received some scholarships and I was unaware of any other options that would make me extremely wealthy. So, at the age of 17, I went to conquer the world and dominate in business…so I moved on to become a student in college dorms with high hopes and big ambition.

So what about all the riches? Now, I perceive riches as more about what you value versus what you obtain. Wealth building is a constant “work in progress” its your mindset, determination, and accomplishments. In my case, I became wealthy in knowledge and experience. Long story short more than, 13 years and 3 degrees later, I have been blessed to work for several universities, my husband and I are business owners, I pack a mean resume, and I’ve picked up some useful professional skills. I have even gained quite bit of knowledge and loads of “know-how” like information I avidly use to continue moving toward financial wealth.

Though it has taken longer than I originally planned, I am happy to share that I’ve finally figured out what I am supposed to be doing my life. And it has nothing to do with how much I have in the bank and how much I am able to spend. I have a written plan to live “on purpose”..

After a long time in “journey & discovery mode”: thinking, reading and praying: TheP3Life is a online inspirational resource that comes to you from my heart. Each post will information to help in many of the roles that we all manage. I offer you my professional growth and personal challenges to balance home, school & work life. There are featured interviews from others who were successful in various ways; who faced difficult hardships and work in various businesses, organizations and professions. Every word is a recommendation based on results. Use this blog site however you need it most.

No life path is better than another. God will help you shape the next phase of living your purpose and plan your next steps.

I hope that you are encouraged to be more excited about what you are currently doing in life. My goal is to motivate, ignite, and educate people so that they can be “rich” in life experiences and hopefully the wealth will soon follow.


**TheP3Life is a blog website, collaborative organization & positive social platform that provides motivation and promotes life preparation through informational resources, experiential education, and practical workshops for women as they passionately pursue their purpose.

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