5 Simple Birthday Traditions

Contributing Writer: LaQuenta Wooten

Yesterday, our middle little guy turned 8. This dude really likes birthday surprises. I remember my mother always made birthday celebrations feel like a big deal. She would spread out the presents and at times we would have fun for the whole weekend. Now, I am a Mom of 3 boys and all this birthday planning can take a ton of energy & money (so, how did my Mom do it?)

Here’s a quick list of 5 things that we have done to make birthday traditions special (and affordable) for own family.

1. Decorate their room (or the house) – This one came straight from my Mom, after bedtime she would come into my room and decorate so that when I woke up it felt like “It’s my birthday”. Now we go wild & wacky in this category, taking the most tacky approach possible utilizing their favorite color, character or movie to decorate with items from Party City or our local Dollar store.

2. Make their favorite meal & eat it for breakfast (Invite them to be the kitchen tiny chef, so they can learn along the way) – There are no limits to the birthday menu, start the day of in a delicious way – whatever they like, no matter what it is eat that for the 1st meal of the day…pumpkin pancakes, pizza, cinnamon rolls corn dogs, or fajitas. Yummy!

3. Make a custom shirt or hoodie for them to wear as a birthday gift (order one for each family member if you are going to an event together) – Check out these websites to create or design a sweatshirt or photobook.

4. Commemorate your feelings with a custom photo album, book or homemade birthday card. Beautiful photo books at shutterfly  -or- if you have a little reader like me you will enjoy the products and gifts at simply personalized *We have used this site to make a custom birthday book with my sons name in the story:

5. Take the party to their school  – Check with the teacher for the best time to surprise the child, bring something healthy and easy to pass out to the kids like yogurt, crackers & cheese, fruit trays or muffins. (depending on the school or district food policy).

After looking back and thinking about my mom’s own loving attention and reflecting on how it made me feel, I knew I had to figure out a way to make my sons feel special each year & implement some cost-effective yet amazing birthday traditions of our own. I have adopted many of Mom’s original ideas and discovered a few other options to personalize birthdays in different ways for our sons…Do you have any special traditions an for your children’s birthday that are special to your family?

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