The Mom That Invests Time

Guest Interview: Tonya Carline

TheP3Life: Whats the most challenging aspect of being a mom & wife? .
#1 To maintain consistency in my actions towards my family and my expectations from my children – You cant get mad one day & cut it all off. You can’t stop. You have to keep doing the things that matter. Encouraging my husband. Being positive in all platforms of instruction. I am the example of what I want to see in my children. I have to be consistent first.

#2 To still be an individual – I don’t want to get lost in the mix of busy life so I have to encourage myself. I have my thoughts, dreams and hopes. I don’t want to drop the ball. Be attentive to my body. Nourish myself.

#3 Don’t be a critic – I love who I am.

#4 Its hard. – But “if its not hard, you’re not doing it right”…

TheP3Life: Describe yourself as a Mom?
wp-1462615430729.jpgEngaged & open. Active and connected with school and the teachers, involved in meaningful projects, community outreach and academic activities. I am an open communicator with my children…It’s important to communicate often and be present in their lives and really hear them so they feel valued. I provide order and organization while using a “mind, body, soul” approach.

TheP3Life: How do you maintain balance?
Through prayer meditation & quiet time. I read quotes, these are a source of strength in all the avenues that I encounter being a mom.

TheP3Life: What’s your biggest strength? What area are you most successful?
Spending time with family. It’s the small moments with children and teens that give the relationship different Dynamics. Give equal time. Try after younger ones go to sleep take that opportunity to talk 30 minutes can make a huge impact. I invest the time and it’s worth it when they rest on your shoulder… it doesn’t cost money go to the park stop what you’re doing and make them feel important. Try taking the children places, use coupons and look for group discounts. Travel together. Time is valuable, it’s the one thing you can’t get back.
This is my strength as a mother you can’t get a medal unless what you’re doing is measured. For example, when I have my children’s friends around or I am carpooling kids home, I can tell that there are parents that don’t spend time with their children. Sadly, they’re too busy and it makes my heart sad. When they watch and listen to our conversations and interactions, I hear them say to my kids:
“You’re so lucky”…
“You and your mom sound so happy when you talk”…

I realize the time I spend with my children is my best ally and resource. It’s not stuff, it’s the time they want.
And that can be difficult, however…

“If its not hard, you’re not doing it right”…

wp-1462615430732.jpg**Tonya Carline is a motivational speaker and educational advocate, who loves communicating to a large group of people with a message platform that enhances their positive ideology about their life. She finds fulfillment in mentoring children and youth as they transition through their cognitive, social, emotional process of life. A believer in strong communities; Tonya makes herself available to be involved in any outreach, non-profit organization, school district to improve people and their current situation. Tonya says, “I am a child of God and thereby commissioned to love, and work towards that high calling through Jesus Christ”.

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