MAY – “Moms in YES mode”…

Contributing Writer: LaQuenta Wooten

When you do what you love, been planning & preparing for and you’re passionate about it, its not work…that’s when purpose in “full throttle” faith action Jer2911takes over. #Jeremiah29:11 The vision comes alive…

God put it on my heart over a year ago to start a ministry talking with men & women about challenges and start capturing the success stories after the struggles in life. I didn’t want to do it, I had to learn technical details of websites and managing a blog. I had get out of my comfort zone and ask people to talk about personal issues and situations. And yet, I’m so grateful about this entire process. And I’ve had the most amazing journey with the Lord. And now as my entire house is quiet and I’m up (eating an apple and peanut butter) while my hubby & sons sleep and I’m achy and still typing, I am  full of ideas and posting online…I’m just in awe of what the Lord has done because I said, YES. Well at first, I made excuses and then I complained then I procrastinated, and finally I said yes. But now, I’m in full #YesMode and walking by faith like I never have before. Are you in YES mode? Is there something that you hear the Lord whispering (or yelling) to you and you haven’t submitted to…I encourage you, say yes. He has the plan and knows that the thing He is asking is going to shape you and give you more hope in Him. Will you say YES?

wp-1462618328040.jpgI pray that you are blessed by the special words that I’m writing  this month from personal experience and some on behalf of some other dynamic ladies for you to read . May’s topic is all about Moms. Be blessed by the wisdom and laugh as you get to know these Rockin’ Women that live The P3Life!


#Happy Mothers Day #MomsRock

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