The Homeschool Mom

Guest Interview: Toby Gray
” motherhood is about staying Progressive.
I have a very active family I’ve learned from my parents they are the best example. Use mom Partnerships: my mother helps me with teaching she’s very Hands-On and even initiate sewing projects. These kinds of things are Lost Art among ladies. We even teach my sons there’s no gender roles I don’t want them to be helpless. We do home cooked meals and even ironing together.

What’s your mommy style?
– Scheduled & Structured… there’s organized chaos, it’s not written down, it’s just all in my mind. It’s just what needs to be done today. We just fit it in!874.jpg

Toby Gray has been a wife for 10 years to her best friend and mother to her 3 gorgeous kids. Everyday for her is God first, family second, and everything else last. She’s a teacher, public speaker, and a personal motivator. Helping and caring for others comes first nature to her. She has plans in the work to obtain her advertising/marketing degree so that she can become the successful freelance copywriter and creative writer she has always desired to be. Lastly, Toby LOVES buttercream frosting and has to have the corner piece of the birthday cake! 

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