A Christ-Centered Mommy Philosophy

An Inside Interview: Alisa Anderson

TheP3Life: What’s your mommy style?
It’s more of a philosophy, for my son’s to understand who they are in Christ. That God created you as image bearers of Christ; a child of God. I teach them basic biblical truths about how and why God made them. When they were young I used simple things when we would see a rainbow, I would teach them about God’s promises and covenant or use moments when they we’re not sharing toys to teach about selfishness and forgiveness. All children fall short. And during those time, this is the perfect moment to share who Jesus is and how we all must be forgiven for sin. “Jesus came to live the life we couldn’t live he died the death God required for her own sins.” Now that my children are older, I help them understand how to live according to God’s Word.

How they fit in with his plan and live with in a fallen world. As missionaries on their campus, to show the love of Christ, be polite, show respect , be kind to others and live different because they don’t fit in. So our home is our haven. They’re raised in an environment where they can learn from decisions they are not perfect and neither am I. Sometimes I pick up the boys from school and  I may have a headache and then come back to apologize for being grumpy. I use so many moments to go back to my sons and share that we all need help, none of us are perfect. We have to know the bad news of our sin before we can really grasp the good news of Jesus Christ. This is what I teach, these are the lessons I use.

My husband and I finished high school and went into our adulthood, with a choice and we sought a personal relationship with the Lord. My sons will have to do the same. The choice is theirs…”Is this my faith – or – my parents?”…

TheP3Life: Name some of the challenges of being a mom…how you’ve dealt with them?
Being a mom is terrifying and unpredictable. Our children have their own mind. We want to protect them. Having kids is like wearing your heart on your sleeve and you want to protect it at all times. Sometimes, you feel their failures like they are your own… You always wonder…
Will they ever be potty trained?
Will they get through this algebra class?
Will they find a spouse?
As our children age, the circumstances change but the Mom struggle doesn’t. I want my sons to be drawn close to God through difficulty and through any despair they may experience.

There is a scripture that has encouraged me the most and helped me to get through it all. My grace is sufficient and my power is perfect in weakness – II Corinthians 12:9
This is my parenting scripture. I would rather have them experience challenges and through that, know God..than live a life that is easy and never realize they needed Him.

TheP3Life: What can you share with other moms that you’ve learned along the way?
1. Your relationship has to be authentic live out your saving faith in Jesus Christ. Our children watch our actions: if you want them to be merciful…humble. kind…You need to show it first in your life.
2. Do not discount the value, words, and input from Dads. In unsteady times, I’ve learned to trust my husband’s words. Our husband’s bring balance to our emotions; they offer a different perspective and that’s good. They can share lots of insight because they aren’t in the midst of all the details they can be sensitive and yet see the big picture. Dads know their kids. Encourage and esteem your husband and have healthy conversations about parentinwp-1462615567099.jpgg decisions together.

Alisa Anderson is happily married to her sweetheart Matt and mother of two sons. She is the Women’s Ministry Director for Central Christian Church in Lancaster, CA. Her passion is to teach the Bible and encourage women in their walk with Christ. She also enjoys coffee, walking and watching Dodger games.

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