A Tribute Poem to Mothers

Contribution by: Dr. William B. Martin, II
Mother’s day comes once a year
Its a time to honor mothers far and near
Those mothers who have paid the price
The true mothers who gave the ultimate sacrifice
Now let us remember and consider our own mothers who conceived us
I cannot think of anyone else that I can completely trust
No one can compare to her life in word or deed
She is a gift from God, this I truly believe
There is nothing on earth that can repay her love
I recall her from time to time saying I thank God above

My mother lived her life and has gone on to glory
But each and every day I live to tell her story
Her life changed mine forever
For there is no way that I could ever forget her, no never


Dad And DeeDr. William B. Martin, II and his wife Delores have been married for 11 years and they serve as the founding leaders of Sure Word Ministries International.  Pastor Martin is a Seminary Director, musician, author, and has been a passionate Biblical teacher for over 40 years. His grandchildren lovingly refer to him as “Pop-Pop” and he always has a joke or game to play. Pastor Martin is known as “Doc” for his eloquent speech and expansive vocabulary. He enjoys holidays, eating homecooked meals and desserts & especially baked goodies. He faithfully walks a few miles each morning to stay active and burn off calories after prayer at sunrise.

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