An Inside Look: A Blended Family Bday

imageContributing Writer: LaQuenta Wooten

It’s his birthday – and he has a smile that lights up the room. But how can a blended family help keep that glowing smile of joy “burning bright” for the birthday boy, when there so many people involved? It’s not easy and we’re far from perfect at approaching these special occaasions. It takes work and communication…and a whole lot of love.
My eldest son lives in two homes and on birthdays it becomes a bit challenging to share and plan and make sure everyone one can pour love on this sweet soul. He’s got 2 younger brothers  and two younger sisters, four active co-parents, 4 grandmas and 2 grandpas. Talk about a village…So, here’s the home life situation and then our blended family birthday approach…

So my two little dudes look up to him…And cry when he’s not around. His heart is gigantic and he’s the best Big Brother and the sweetest son, he is such a gift…! I believe with all my heart, that God has amazing things in store for him, because he is sensitive and caring. I love his heart and see his capacity to love…

Though our #blendedfamily life can be a bit complex, he’s SO chill.

I see his maturity and emotional growth as each year passes. A considerate and compassionate son, he quietly thinks about his words and and observes family members around him; not wanting to make anyone feel bad or uncomfortable…And so it seems that the situation has shaped his perspective and because of his environment and experiences he has unique relationships with every family member in his life.

In our home, MJJ is the perfect balance to the #3Chipmunks (He is “Simon”… keeps “Alvin” out of trouble and makes sure “Theodore” doesn’t eat all the sweets, lol!) He is a blessing to his brothers and great example –

Celebrating his 12th birthday, I realize how amazing these years have been moving from custody, to communication, to connection.

I am so fortunate and grateful that this blended family made it through some tough talks and now we can make memories together. All because of special love and a really handsome flyy, caring smart guy that came into our lives 12 years ago, growing into a young man who wants to please the Lord and make his family proud. We support him and celebrate his life – unified – because he is the connecting piece, the child with a sweet smile…

I’ve learned so much about being a Mom because of him. And I am blessed in a “blended blessing” kind of way to share him with many…#HappyBirthdaySon #motherhoodunplugged



Hope you enjoyed what you read about my family! Here’s a little bit about me…I love being a mom (and “step-mom” if you  want to get technical). I truly adore all  3 of our sons because at ages 3,8 & 12 they are in various stages of life. It’s so cool to play & do story time with the youngest, cook and create websites the other and do a dance battle with our eldest. I try to keep my kids guessing: plan a surprise “food wars” activity after-school, allow them to customize their homemade pizza or build the nachos to their taste and then finish the day with random acts of silliness. I work hard to speak their individual love language. I pray for them daily and even takes note about them then get creative to promote family bonding into everything. My philosophy in her blended family is “making memories by the minute and moment and I believe in a inclusive unified environment for my family. Though it is challenging and tough and downright tiring at times- I keep a positive outlook and maintain peace by these words:But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. -Isaiah 40:31*Want more scripture like these? Visit this awesome blog: Finding Joy in Jesus


One thought on “An Inside Look: A Blended Family Bday

  1. Jackie Birch says:

    Wooten clan moma I want to share something with you. This is jackie. my mom and I were at church early one Sunday
    your boys were coloring at the back tables. My mom and I were adoring them
    Mykel dropped his crayon pushed it towards us mom got it for him. awesome family. Mykel is going to be part of something so much grater than we could imagine. I see it all around him. from that day forward he always hugs my mom and I. Greets us like a gentleman. what ever God is doing with the Wootens is good works. God bless u all.


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