When I am not…He is…


When I feel like “My foot is slipping,” and I the ground is shaky around me…I must trust that unfailing love of the Lord, will not let me fall. He has and always will be my strong foundation to stand on, helping me with wisdom and providing peace.

Like a Father that is watching his daughter, He is right there to make sure everything is ok. Especially, when I struggle with decisions.

When I am uncertain…He knows my concerns. He hears my cries. He understand my thoughts. He supports me.

When anxiety or worry tries to fill my mind…I am reminded remember, trust and believe that my life is Gods hands. And thats my safety net. He is my strength and consolation. I recieve the joy and confidence of knowing who is within me, covering me, and guiding me every step of my path in life.

When I am not…He is all that I need.


#Psalms 94:18
Read this scripture and more here…

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