Family Lost at Sea


Stopping to view God’s underwater creations and I see another. A blended family that has faced tidal waves and trials and yet through every hardship we found in Christ peace and renewed hope to fill our sails. Like fish out of water we’ve tried to breathe under the heaviness of hardship and worry and we catch our breath jumping back into the ocean called communication, seeking normalcy. But, I don’t know how to ride that wave because I never learned to surf…

And were anything but normal, just living as centered as a good friend explained to me. There is no right way. Just let Gods love and word guide. “Normal”, is a place that doesn’t exist.

No matter how hard or far you swim up current, you’ll just end up tired so its just easier to go with the flow when it comes to family

Now, I see Gods hand in our waters calming storms and settling the sea of uncertainty as a family and keeping this ship in tact. We are more unified because we work together and through a foundation of truth, we are stronger and closer with each tide.

A sentimental moment, looking at my husbands and sons. Realizing my There was so much more to be grateful for than just a visit to a aquarium themed amusement park:

1. Got a discount on our all-day eating passes

2. Touched some manta rays

3. Saw some polar bears and dolphins

4. Burned calories laughing, running and playing as a family.

5. Our 12 year old birthday boy, got a memory he wont forget

I praise God for times like these, precious & priceless. My sweet papa protective like a killer whale and our 3 little playful dolphins…Seeing them in this moment, its the best feeling in the world.

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wp-1462618328040.jpg**As Lead Writer and Creative Executive Officer at The P3Life LaQuenta Wooten is a woman with vision and passion. Originally  from Los Angeles, CA, she has been married to her 6th grade sweetheart, Mykel, for 10 years and describes herself as a a structured and spontaneous mother to 3 intelligent and energetic sons. She is an educator and marketing consultant  by day and a “Jesus-Be-The-Center” singing worshiper and ministry leader, well, by day and night. She loves inviting people to attend Sunday Service @ Christ’s Church of the Valley where she passionately serves in Music Arts, Nursery and Youth Ministry. LaQuenta speaks with humor and uses personal and practical examples to share the Word of God. She has a heart for blended families & married couples facing issues and desires to prepare the next generation to know God in a personal relationship & inspire others to serve, give, love, and live for the Lord.

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