Fatherhood: Standards of the Real MVPs

Written Contribution by: Dr. William B. Martin & LaQuenta Wooten
With the NBA finals in full swing and Fathers Day in a few short weeks…We want to share a thought…
Great Fathers, like great basketball coaches, not only know the sport  and standards on the court they can develop, teach or train other players on the team. As a father, how do you approach the game?

The game of basketball has been set up to be played on a 97 foot court, with the free throw line 15 feet away from the backboard.  The net is 10 feet above the court and has an 18 inch diameter.  These standards ensure that the game of basketball is played amidst the standards set forth by the NBA, NCAA, Olympics, and other governing sport bodies.  Without these standards the game would be changed and would not have the same credibility, honor, or prestige that the NBA Championship, or Team USA has enjoyed within the sport.  Standards can be raised, but more often that not they are lowered.  This would put the court out of regulation, and would limit the game or players on the court.
God has a standard.  He has a goal.  His Kingdom is that goal.  Yet, many men have adjusted His standard and then congratulated themselves for being able to dunk the ball.  The results of a low standard on the court affect many more people than just the men playing.  They affect us all.  They start locally, spread regionally, grow nationally, and destroy culture around the world.  Just look around our homes, churches, communities, and globe to discover that men – maybe most men – have missed the goal to live as Kingdom men.
P3.Father bballHusbands and Fathers need to continue showcasing the Biblical standard God is calling men to within the home.  The standard by which women should long for, children need, and men are constantly trying to achieve is God’s standard.  Remember your place, your role… Fathers, you have dominion and authority. You are needed in positions of leadership and be the examples that our future generation can look up to every day. Be the men of standard and measure up by living your purpose out loud so that every one can see the father and man that you are…In the court called life make sure that you measure up to the standards and excel in the sport of fatherhood. Rise above the standards. Be the MVP. Win the Championship game for your family!
This is a special Father & Daughter Collaboration article to recognize the difficulties of being a Dad honoring fantastic acts of Fatherhood in June….Dr. Martin has been LaQuenta’s fatherhood hero since she was born (she loves her Dad). Though LaQuenta knows nothing about basketball, her Dad was still a great life coach. LaQuenta was able to spot a great “future” Dad in her husband when she re-connected with her 6th grade sweetheart in her early 20’s. It was because of the example that she saw growing up and the relationship that this father daughter duo shared that they are passionately led to share encouragement and insight on TheP3Life. We celebrate Dads to be inspired and keep progressing in their most important family position every day. To all the wonderful Dads working so hard and pouring into the next generation, we recognize you…Happy Fathers Day, all month long!

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