Interview: Antwan Thorogood

TheP3Life: What is your definition of fatherhood?

AT: Patience- There will be plenty of times where they try to see how much they can get away with. They just need to know their boundaries. Everybody does this to a degree. You see how fast you can go over the speed limit before you are noticed by the police. Just understand that they are looking to you for guidance.

Growth- Together you grow. You learn from them. They learn from you. You become a better parent as they become better children. You also want to become a better adult in general because the last thing you want is a well behaved child who grows up to be a disappointing adult.

Dedication- Why you work, where you work, and how much you work has to be about your child. Even your friends and associates are important to model as your child will see what kind of people you associate with. Children can learn how to “play the game” while quietly crafting a dual life. Understand that they will make mistakes but as a parent it is your job to help them get back on the right path.

TheP3Life: What are things you learned from your father (other male mentors) that shape you? What critical life lessons have you/will you pass on?

AT: Sometimes in life you learn what not to do by watching other’s actions. One thing I vowed was that I would always be involved in my child’s life no matter what. A child needs to feel that they are a top priority to you. They want to feel loved and cared for. I’ve learned that it’s often the most simple of times that children look back on and relish the most. It’s not often a toy, a pair of shoes, or even a trip to Disneyland that are the stand out moments. It’s the long car rides singing silly songs, cracking jokes, and looking for crazy things along they way.


TheP3Life: What words can you share with other fathers that want to improve, develop, maintain relationships with their sons?

AT: Stay highly involved. Keep asking how they are doing. Take them to the store with you. Turn the radio off sometimes and just talk. Show interest in their activities, even if it’s not something you are not naturally interested in. You have to keep the lines of communication open. They should feel that you are there to talk to. I want my son to feel as open talking to me about getting an “A” on his report card as he is about some girl he likes (when that day comes).

TheP3Life: When it’s difficult to be a Dad, how do you keep positive focus and perseverance?

AT: I keep focused by remembering that they are a child. They are still learning how life moves. They don’t have all the answers. They are only doing what they have been taught or learned. It is no longer just me when I make certain moves and choices. He is watching me. My action could be a direct detriment to his life. I want him to be proud to say “Yeah, that’s my dad.”

HeadshotAntwan Thorogood was born and raised in South Carolina and moved to Lancaster, CA in his high school years. Both witty and funny, Antwan is collection of comedic charm and personality, he is the perfect blend of “Southern gentleman with California hustle”. Antwan goes out and just makes things happen with determination to improve everyday through avid reading for personal growth and development. His biggest driving force is to be a positive role model in the world and most importantly to his son, Alexander. Antwan desires to set an example of a man who will literally go to the ends of the earth to provide a better life for his sons future.