Faith & Trust: Walking Blind-Folded

Contributing Writer: LaQuenta Wooten

Have you ever seen a Father covering his child’s eyes as he leads them ahead. Some kids are excited. Others get consumed with fear, concern and worry, wondering “where are we going?” All the child has to do is trust that their Dad is guiding them to a good thing…is this hard for you…Not knowing whats next? Not having control? Are you comfortable being blind-folded?

Ever feel like your on a blind-folded faith walk in life…? And yet you don’t want any surprises. So you keep both eyes open never allowing anything new to be revealed or unveiled. And instead of trusting God to take you to new wonderful places that only he can guide you to; life becomes a sum total of your individual choices and strategic well-planned out decisions to get yourself to happiness.Gods voice inside you whispers, “Will you let me lead you? I know where I want to take you next…Close your eyes and don’t peak through the blind fold…Just lift your foot, trust me completely. I wont let you trip slip or fall. Trust me I’ll take you exactly where you are supposed to go.”

Walking forward when you can’t can be absolutely scary. Its not easy, however blind fold faith is simple.

So some times the moments of a faith walk are fantastic while others are absolutely unbearable and uncomfortable. Many times I have been too frightened by what-ifs to step out. Because trust requires releasing control and fully depending on the Lord. But, I know He has never failed me I am falling in love with my God who supplies my every need and knows every hurt & pain of my past that tries to prevent me from freely moving by faith. He is a good, good Father. He has been patient and provided so much evidence that He alone is worthy of my trust, while I’m on my blindfolded faith walk with Him. He is walking with you too…one step at a time.


p.s. Here’s an amazing poem that asks “What are you afraid of”…  No fear, only trust by Jon Jorgenson on YouTube. Check it out and be encouraged!

**As Lead Writer and Creative Executive Officer at The P3Life LaQuenta Wooten is a woman with vision and passion. Originally  from Los Angeles, CA, she has been married to her 6th grade sweetheart, Mykel, for 10 years and describes herself as a a structured and spontaneous mother to 3 intelligent and energetic sons. She is an educator and marketing consultant  by day and a “Jesus-Be-The-Center” singing worshiper and ministry leader, well, by day and night. She loves inviting people to attend Sunday Service @ Christ’s Church of the Valley where she passionately serves in Music Arts and Youth Ministry. LaQuenta speaks with humor and uses personal and practical examples to share the Word of God. She has a heart for blended families & married couples facing issues and desires to prepare the next generation to know God in a personal relationship & inspire others to serve, give, love, and live for the Lord.

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