​Once you know your purpose, function, and assignment, its hard to fit in…you just begin to stand out. There is an explosive energy and awesome boldness in young leaders of the next generation.

The desire to know God.

The intense passion to feel loved and significant. 

The prayers for mighty change because so many are lost, hurting and broken by issues and abuse. 

The understanding that being different means saying yes when its uncomforatable or uneasy. And this is where the spark begins. And Gods light grows brighter and bigger in those that are not scared or afraid to be world changers. To be misfits…

We are all chosen to be seen by the genuine hope and uncommon love of Christ we share. Standing out is about willingness to be a bold misfit…its a mentality “I am not like others, I was created fo a purpose and I will fulfill it no matter what”. Misfits are intense. Misfits get attention. Misfits understand its the differences that make them unique for reaching others. Its time to be excited when others think your weird. Time to move forward with momentum on a mission to share the truth with others. Same gospel. But new hair, new style, new media, new voices, new generation…sounds like a bunch of misfits to me. #Chosen #Misfits #Purpose #Passion #Position 
Inspired by God,


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