Parenting…on Purpose? A 4 Step-Plan

​The August topic on #TheP3Life blog -“Parenting with Puprose”. Sounds like a lot of work, right. For 12 years, I’ve always felt like I needed a plan to parent my silly and energetic boys but I didnt know where to start – and honesly, what exactly does that mean? I the past few years I have been able to put my thoughts on this topic into words.

So I am going to explore and define what “parenting on purpose” looks like from my perspective however, this really is going to depend on each family unit. The parenting principles or objectives we share may be the similar but our family application will absolutely vary because lets face it our kids are all uniquely different. Yet, in the best way that I can for the next few weeks I’ll write about #parentingonpurpose based on what we do in our family. 

This month let’s all think about our role as teachers and models for our children. As parents, our sons and daughters are our students and every day class is in session. What are they learning in your “home-school”? What tests will they face with friends this years? What issues do they encounter with siblings ? What hardships and challenges have we prepared them for – by presenting them with character building situations? How are we showing tough love so they learn and grow-up under our safety & supervision?  What’s the life lesson plan?

These are difficult questions for any parent to think about… and ask ourselves. Yet, they are necessary to answer and get a clear focus in order to be a purposeful, intentional parent. 

Its our family environment that shapes our children; they learn what they live. 

Look at the stages that your children are in they and be flexible, tailor the how to them, adjust what you do, but never change “why”you do it. Have  a parenting plan. 

What is your goal? Brainstorm and then take action. Know that things will get hectic or tough. Have supportibe parents to talk and pray with. And laugh a lot. Humor definitely helps the insanity. 

More personal stories to come thoughout the month. Parents stay encouraged and stay intetnional, have character goals to achieve and then smash them. The things you do with your child now, make an impact and change the next generation. So, here a few things to start with, a beginning to the plan, when it comes to “parenting with purpose”…
1. Be specific about who you want them to be (and not only focused on simply the academic/future career, think broad and beyond, college and money) but the lessons they will need to know as potential parents.

2. Be the main influence to shape who they will become. Take time to talk and listen. (Thats where the parenting bond get strong and tight)

3. Be amazed by the process, they will blossom before your eyes over time. 

In closing, Ill share this. *Be purposeful and enjoy parenthood, be their best teacher, make tons of memories together and be the heroic example for them at all times (no pressure, seriously. Take parenting, one day at a time and don’t try to wear a cape – or be super human. Give all your heart and love them hard, trust God will do the rest.) Finally, my favorite…

4. Be spontaneous and make the journey fun… they will learn some things from books at school but the real classroom is at home.

We are in this together, I am praying for your success and the process. 


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