A Tribe? Why?

Are you connected to a “tribe”? If not, why are you doing life alone? 

Your “Tribe” is extended family: healthy, strong relationships that can suvive a disagreement or uncomfortable conversation…moms, dads, bros, sis, and cousins we pick up along the road of life and work together best. 

These extra special folks that are hand-picked by God and intersect our #path in life because of aligned #purpose and shared values. 

In a tribe, bonds may not always be by blood but are always based on trust, vulnerability and deep connection…

These people were brought to bring a new #perspectives and often can offer wisdom we need to hear. The tribe is a #powerful essential #piece to #personalgrowth to speak truth (even when its hurts) in love, bring out the best, challenge us to grow, help us heal, remind us of #progress, and support the vision within us. 

If you have a tribe…love them hard. If not, get one and learn how to be apart of it.

#BOC #family #tribe #power #peace #thep3life

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