You Are Here.

You are here. And thats #perfectly ok.  
…Its exactly where you’re supposed to be. Its no accident. Remember how you got here. 

Are you lost here? 

Did you make a wrong turn to get here? 

Did someone tell you to go here? 

Did you follow someone else here? 

Are they still here with you? 

Did you think this would be a good place to be? 

Are you waiting for someone here? 

Did you decide this was where you wanted to be? 

Do you have no idea? 

No matter how you got here…you dont have to stay here. You are more experienced for the next #part of the #plan for your life. 

Time to concentrate on where to go from here. Take a look at that dot on the map and #plot the course to the next destination. 

Know where you are you headed? Good. Go there. Get there quick. Then repeat. 


#position #plan #progression #newyear #nextdestination #movingforward #positivethinking #thep3life #fromheretothere 

#Psalm 25:4 “Make me know Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths” 

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