Sometimes it takes a bit of disbelief from others to spark a fire in you. It makes your perspective shift as your inner #potential awakens.

Goals always seem huge if your a visionary.

You simply dont know how to dream small. Sometime we dont takenour dreams and goals seriously enough, we talk about it but dont take action.

Getting to be the best version of yourself takes commitment and focus but the last ingredient is burning desire…To win. And then take action!

You can get to that goal with hard work. No matter how big, outrageous, complicated, difficult or tough that it may be. Just believe that you can and do the plan to get where you want to be. (Or hey, maybe its more fun to prove the people wrong who said you couldnt get it done)…

And when you get to see the unbelievers once you do accomplish the goal, thing you used to fear, smile and be humble.

Only you know the work, sweat and sacrafice it took. Only you know all the mental toughness you had to develop and the supernatural faith it took to get to that goal.  Allow your faith to feed your #perserveance and go get that goal.

Especially, if someome said you couldn’t get it done, don’t stop until you do.


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