Last Year…What’s The Lesson

Each year teaches us. Learn everything from the lesson. Grow & graduate. Understand where God has you. 

God blessed us with life to give it away.

 What are your tools? What are your gifts that He has given you?  Is your focus is to serve others and share life experience to help soneone else?

When we learn the lessons we come to know our function.

 Mine? to expand & grow others in faith and Gods love. To make disciples. How can God get the glory out of everything that I’ve gone through? By knowing why I exist…

1. Did I find my purpose?

2. Did I fulfill my destiny?

3. Did I use everything that God gave me?

Keep Going. Never Get Tired. Finish Strong. 

#Shareyourstory #Talkaboutstruggle & along the way you will relate, connect, encourage and uplift others. #Godwantstouseyou


#Passion #Position #Purpose

~by #LQonPurpose

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