#WhySacrifice ?

That moment in life I’ve always struggled with…When I stop making deals with God (yep, I have done this in prayer time) and stop negotiating. Instead we know we are changing when we begin to build alters. Point where we say something has to die. Understanding the required action to obtain, retain and maintain what I’m “hoping for” – This is the point of acknowledging the required sacrafice…

I want to loose weight by summer so I will sacrafice desserts and salty snacks.

I desire a healthy marriage relationship with my spouse so I will sacrafice selfish attitude and serve them without expectation fully our of love. 

I want to be out of debt so I will sacrafice excess impulse spending and traveling for one year to save more money and pay down what I owe.

Sacrifice: a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. …

Seeds die so a plant can sprout. 

I would sacrifice my life in order for my sons to live. That choice to sacrifice is based out of love,  I know my parents would make the same decision to  do the same for me. God sent his son Jesus to express the definition of sacrifice in a way that we could relate to as humans. 

We all love movies where someone does a huge act of love and a leader dies for his people, the couple dies for their family, a mother for her children…So now in life, how can we all apply the principle of sacrifice?
Our growth in Christ and steps of faith while we learn to follow Him will require sacrificial decisions. Many of the areas all we need to get better in (patience, compassion, pride, insecurity) or gain more of only comes through sacrafice to my “old self”. You know, all the ways I used to or have done in the past. Sacrafice means I die. My will, wants and desires are gone. And then at that point there is a new beginning a brand-new start to gain more and see what new life comes beyond. 

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.

Luke 9:24 | NIV

“No longer I but Christ that lives in me” #Gal2v20

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