Days of Awe

The entire ten days from the first day of the Feast of Trumpets through the Day of Atonement are known as the Days of Repentance or Days of Awe, (Yaman Noraim).

Rosh Hashanah, (Head of the Year, Yom Termah) is the first day of Tishri, ( The Jewish New Year).   It is celebrated with the blast of the shofar.  (Lev. 23:23-32; Num. 29:1-7)  It is the only Jewish festival or appointed time observed for two days.  Furthermore, it is also the only Jewish feast that occurs on the new moon.  Therefore, because it falls on the new moon, no one really knows when exactly it will occur.  (Matthew 24:32-36)

The Feast of Trumpets is a celebration remembering God as King of the Universe, a time to request for a year of Peace, (Shalom), Prosperity and Blessing.  The blowing of the shofar is a spiritual wake up call, warning all to repent and get right with God’s before His return.

Here are some reasons why the shofar is blown on Rosh Hashanah:

  1. Recognition of the King of the Universe and His continued reign forever.
  2. Observance and Celebration of the Creation of the world.
  3. Blast of the shofar is God’s holy alarm to awaken from spiritual slumber.
  4. A call to examine our words, thoughts and deeds; correcting our ways and returning to God.
  5. A divine holy reminder to rededicate ourselves to study God’s Word.
  6. An invitation to follow God’s command; seeking reconciliation with people you have wronged.  A time to consider the sins of the previous year and repent before Yom Kippur, (Day of Judgment).

Jewish eschatology teaches that on the Day of Atonement, after the six thousand years are complete, the Day of the Lord will come.  On that day the shofar will sound, the righteous will be resurrected andwill attend the coronation of the King.  Also according to Jewish eschatology, the gates of heaven are opened on Rosh Hashanah and closed on Yom Kippur.  (Revelation 3:7-11)

Celebrate Roshanah by teaching your children about repentance, turning our hearts toward God and looking forward to the Second Coming of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

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