The P3Life is a lifestyle blog and social media platform dedicated to discovering life mission & purpose, maximize potential & explore possibilities in every major area in life. Managing time for family and career priorities is tough. It can be hectic to squeeze everything in one day. The life stories shared here are meant to inspire, encourage and help you identify what’s important build your faith to know and trust God and offer practical information. With a bit of intentional focus (lots of humor) and a clear plan…you call have a complete, fulfilled and centered life. Know your passion. Get positioned. Live on purpose.


The P3Life offers interview-based insight and education through experience to encourage others to excel in their life roles. Monthly topics & segments are written from personal, situations, interviews & categorized into inspirational articles for easy reading and sharing. The P3Life hosts educational workshops in collaboration with local community non-profit organizations and faith-based ministries to address social issues and to help people live with peace as families, understand their personal passion in life, and with this knowledge become leaders and world changers.


LaQuenta Martin-Wooten, Founder

wp-1462618328040.jpgNever thought she would be a writer. She was focused on business ventures and yet God had a different plan. So now, Psalm 62:5 “My soul waits patiently on the Lord and my expectation is from Him…” stays in her heart and she always wears a smile. As Creative Executive Officer at The P3Life, LaQuenta is a woman with vision and purpose. Born and raised in Southern California, describes herself as a a structured and spontaneous mother to her energetic sons. Professionally, she has been a college professor, high school instructor, home-school educator and  financial marketing consultant. She has a passion to uplift women and reveal the powerful leader within by openly sharing from lessons of growth she learned by trials that transformed her life.  LaQuenta loves to eat cultural meals (especially curry and sushi), outdoor activities, cooking colorful meals that are yummy and healthy (she has a meal plan full of recipes, and yes it is possible to do both)!  LaQuenta has been asked to sit on both community & non-profit board of directors to make a positive impact in the local issues youth & womens resources, tackle household debt and disappointing high school graduation rates.  LaQuenta is often invited to speak and teach because of her humor and use of personal and practical examples. LaQuenta holds a special place in her heart for blended families, those impacted by divorce & married couples fighting to regain trust, overcome emotional distance and build better communication. As a mom & mentor she desires to plant seeds in those that are hurting and need healing by a deep personal relationship with God & ultimately inspire others to serve, give, love, and live for the Lord.

*p.s. She is a total bookworm, likes to buy office supplies, claims to work out 3-4 times a week (if running to the store for snacks counts) and only consumes the good kind of sugar, you know like fro-yo with strawberries and carrot cake for her daily “fruits and veggies”!


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