Prayer Over Marriage

So many marriages go through struggle, tough times and pain…but Gods Word is the source of life and living water to refresh a dying relationship. Here are 40 areas to pray for in your marriage…Be blessed by what you confess. 

Retrain your mind to think about the promise that God will never fail and He desires to use you as part of His master plan to bring hope to a hopless situation. He wants you to get past the difficult discussions and conflicting conversations. 

Let His Word speak as the only voice you hear and combat the enemy who only whispers lies to tear marriage and families apart. He wants to neutralize your purpose and effectiveness through discord and destruction. However, you are victorious over the evil one and the attempts to conquer you in battle. 

What God has brought together in marriage is a gift and daily miracle. The fact that two people share a commited covenant to stay devoted and honor one another with love sacraficial goes against all human selfish desire. Its a testiminy to the Holy Spirit alive at work in us. What a blessing to show others grace and unfailing love…To exhibit Christ’s love and reflect Him without words but daily actions between two imperfect people! 

Marriage is about never giving up. Especially, when you really want to, our Lord never abandoned us He keeps on loving us. Marriage is an relationship ordained by God and blessed by Him. Protect it and treat your relationship like precious gold. No matter how it looks: a box thats been worn-down and thrown around with faded wrapping and tears in the delicate paper that once adorned it…Don’t look like on the outside. Stay focused on how God sees it. The beauty is inside. Take care of what God has given you and ask the Lord to love your spouse through you daily. Its is not easy but the work is worth it.

This blog was inspired by the full prayer and image found on


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